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BG Peck- water jet, die cutting, carbon fiber, stamping, laser cutting and more
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-The Wire EDM Process

-When to Use EDM


The Wire EDM Process

What is the EDM process?

Electrical discharge machining which in its simplest form is machining using an electrical spark. A controlled electrical spark is used to erode away material that can conduct electricity. A series of electrical discharges takes place between the two conductors separated from each other by a film of non-conducting liquid, called a dielectric (deionized water). The eroded material again solidifies, in the form of micro sized spheres, in the dielectric and is flushed away by the dielectric.

When Should I Use EDM Processing?

EDM is ideal when secondary operations are too labor intensive to justify more traditional machining operations. EDM allows for cutting complex shapes and thin walled configurations with out distortion.

EDM is very suitable for materials which are considered too hard or where adhesion is a problem for traditional machining or for materials typically machined by grinding. Some material examples include Tool Steels with hardness above Rc 38 - Tungsten Carbide - Stellite - Hastelloy - Nitralloy - Waspaloy - Nimonic - Inconel

Image of EDM cut parts

EDM can replace many types of contour grinding operations and eliminate secondary operations such as deburring and polishing. The danger of scrapping a complex or expensive part because of tool breakage is eliminated. It is ideal for machining dies, tools and molds.

EDM is a no-contact and no-force process well suited for making delicate or fragile parts that cannot take the stress of traditional machining. It is ideal for manufacturing pieces with walls as thin as 0.002 of an inch EDM should also be considered for parts that have cavities with a depth to width ratio greater than 50%.

Image of fragile EDM cut parts

EDM should be considered a low cost tooling option when you need short run stamping and low volume broaching. Our standard wire EDMs can cut parts 10 inches tall with a width and length of 11 ½ by 8 inches.

EDM machined small parts with penny

Applications And Advantages of BG Peck's Wire EDM Manufacturing

  • Prototypes / Production Parts
  • Dies & Tooling / Mold Components
  • Complex Shapes
  • Small Hole EDM
  • Difficult Materials
  • Up to 30° Taper / 10” Thick
  • Unmatched Accuracy
  • Fast Turnaround / Competitive Pricing
  • Single Source Capability - Engineering To Production